Categories: VStrata
      Date: Sep 17, 2010
     Title: Virtual Offsite Storage now available
OntheNet have launched a virtual offsite storage service as an extension of their very popular VStrata Virtual Private Server product range. Many businesses face the issue of managing backup media and the discipline of taking the important data offsite regularly.

This new off site storage service can support full automation of the data backup process and does not tie down the customer to any specific software solution.

Customers can purchase a Virtual private server with operating system of their choice, bundled with a secure, private connection to their premises. A range of speeds is available. Install the backup software of your choice on the server and then data at the customers premises can be constantly backed up to the off site server at OntheNet's robust Data Centre.

By being transferred on a dedicated secure connection customers can be trickling data to the off site server 24x7 without interruption to their day to day Internet connection. It really is set and forget.  Local customers will have the luxury of being able to visit OntheNet to obtain a restore of their data should that ever be required.

Plus, you never have to worry about taking those backup tapes off site again.

Call the OntheNet Sales team with any questions 1300 650 559 or click here for more product information.