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Jan 17, 2011

Support for Magic Millions at Critical Time

Flooding in South East QLD might have threatened the Magic Millions carnival this week but support from VStrata Cloud Computing ensured the number of bidders participating in the thoroughbred auctions were as high as possible.

OntheNet, a Gold Coast provider of VStrata Cloud Computing, supply Magic Millions with the technical resources to deliver their web site and the live video streaming of this week’s Yearling Sales.

On day one of the event there were over 800 simultaneous viewers of the event with close to 10% being from overseas.  New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the USA and Malaysia are all countries with potential buyers and viewers of this free online service.

Whilst Magic Millions  IT Manager Leigh Spiegel had already allocated more resources than previously to the broadcast service, the demand on Day One this year was at record levels and outstripped even his expectations.

Because Magic Millions were using the new VStrata Cloud Computing service from OntheNet, they were able to upgrade the service within minutes.

Matt Naismith, CTO of OntheNet stated “Had Mr Spiegel been using traditional server technology instead of cloud computing, the ability to upgrade the service so quickly would not have been possible. “
“However, the cloud server resources were doubled and the bandwidth for the online broadcast were all easily scaled to meet the unexpected demand. “

Mr Spiegel said “Many businesses are questioning why cloud computing and more bandwidth is required in this country. We have just demonstrated the perfect example.”

The Magic Millions Yearling sales can be viewed this week at live.magicmillions.com.au . For more on cloud computing see www.VStrata.com.au

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