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OntheNet have custom built the VStrata VPanel, allowing customers to securely login and perform common server health checks and controls.

This is part of all VStrata plans and available via all popular browsers, including those of smart phones such as iPhones and Blackberrys.

All VStrata customers have been supplied access details directly.

VPanel provides the following information for each Virtual Private Server:

  • List and overview of all virtual servers per customer account
  • A comprehensive Help section
  • Per Server:
  1. Remote Startup/reboot/shutdown and suspend controls
  2. Ability to view the servers screen to verify current state
  3. Individual server features and specification
  4. Individual server performance statistics with custom charts available over selected periods

Detail of the key features and basics health statistics are shown for all virtual servers. The stats show any obvious issues such as CPU, Memory or Storage being inadequate as well as server uptime. 

VStrata Range
View our VStrata range
View the VStrata range The VStrata plans provides you with a range of scalability, perfomance and price options. View the VStrata range
VStrata Range
How do virtual servers work
Visual example on how a virtual server is different to a physical server


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