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OntheNet's new VStrata Servers

Many people ask how OntheNet can offer enterprise grade Virtual Private Servers at such a low price. The answer is partly due to the efficiencies gained from Virtualisation. 

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) operates the same as a normal physical server by privately using a slice of a much larger physical resource, usually comprising multiple servers and a large Storage Area Network (SAN).  The one customer only uses what they need of the whole and so resources are not wasted and available to other users rather than sitting idle. The more virtual servers the more efficiencies can be gained.

Have you ever collected all your spare coins, that "weren't doing anything"? Think of all the physical servers out there with spare processing cycles and unused storage. Now think of what you can do if all the spare processing power and storage could be combined to allow that resource to be used as more "virtual servers". That pooling and sharing of resources is a key part of Virtualisation.

Note that each new Virtual Private Server can be running a different Operating System and Applications

Watch the animation below for a visual of how it works.

Case Studies
The benefits to you Read how VStrata has helped other businesses save ICT expenses,and increased the perfromance of their systems
VStrata Range
VStrata Range
View the VStrata range The VStrata plans provides you with a range of scalability, perfomance and price options. View the VStrata range
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