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Virtual Private Server Plans

OntheNet assume customers are after a full featured service, but with plenty of optional extras. All customers choose a plan that is a specific server configuration with the ability to add a 100Mbps Internet service with data, more storage and/or optional extras when ultimately needed.

The current VPS plans are outlined below:

VStrata VPS Plans

Estab Fee $300 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
Monthly Fee $199 $289 $369 $469 $669 $869
vCPU's 1 2 2
4 4
Storage 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB
Offsite Backup
(28 days)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SLA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

NB: All VStrata VPS Plans have a minimum contract term of 12 months.  Pricing includes GST.


Features of these servers:


VStrata VPS plans include backed up SATA storage by default for your important data storage. Optional extra storage can be obtained as either SATA or Fibre Channel storage.

Offsite Backup for all services

All servers include offsite data backup to an equally appointed Data Centre and Enterprise grade servers and storage hardware. The second Data Centre is 80kms away to cover Disaster Recovery requirements. All VPS plans include 28 days of backups. A Restoration Service is available at Consultancy rates.

High Availability

Compared to having to buy your own duplicate backup server and implement complex syncing and automated failover, this feature offers real value for money. All VPS plans include "High Availability". This means if the primary physical server supporting your Virtual Private Server fails unexpectedly your service is automatically re-launched on an alternative physical server within minutes. All plans are also supported by a 24x7, 4 hour response physical hardware Service Level Agreement.

Secure Remote Administration Access

All VStrata VPS include strong security features ensuring secure remote access for server administration (if selected by the customer). In addition, Access Control Lists are enabled for all VPS services to block the common Internet threats.

Service Level Agreement

All VStrata services include a comprehensive monthly service level agreement providing up to 60% rebates for non-performance. The SLA provided will certainly reinforce the commitment to ensuring consistent, reliable service.

Server Monitoring

OntheNet Systems Administrators monitor the underlying physical hosts 24x7x365.


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