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Storage Options

The current storage options are outlined below.

Storage Options

Monthly Fee $50 / per 100GB $50 / per 30GB $150 / per 100GB
100GB SATA Storage
30GB Fibre
Channel Storage
100GB Fibre
Channel Storage



  • Storage can be delivered by growing the original drive, or as a separate new drive.
  • Offsite backup is included.
  • Base VPS plans include 50GB of backed up SATA storage.
  • All pricing includes GST.


Offsite Backup

At least 28 days of backups are available to restore. A Restoration Service is available at VConsult Consultancy rates.

SATA or Fibre Channel?

VStrata uses SATA and Fibre Channel disks in a highly available RAID 5 format on an EMC SAN.  SATA disks are suitable for general services, holding the OS, and for general storage, and will be more than adequate for most users.  Fibre Channel (FC) disks are faster disks with higher data throughput and quicker seek times. These disks may be better suited for high I/O applications such as database (SQL) servers.


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Critical Information Summary and Order Forms

To order a VStrata VPS download and complete the order form below.
If you have any questions or would like to talk to us first please contact us.

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