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VPS Security

All VStrata VPS include strong security features including:

Default Security Measures

Access Control Lists are enabled for all VPS services to block the common Internet threats.

OntheNet Private Links

Network connectivity via Private Link is available (if selected by the customer). OntheNet have supplied a secure private network solution to many corporate clients over many years. There are now thousands of sites across Australia connected in this manner to ensure data security and privacy. Contact sales@onthenet.com.au for further detail.

Secure Remote Management

VPN access to the Virtual Private Server is available (if selected by the customer), providing secure access for server administration.

VStrata Managed Firewall

A further optional level of server security is offered in the form of a software based VStrata Managed Firewall, with customers able to request basic Firewall requirements, subsequently managed for them. Our VConsult staff will assist customers in defining an initial security specification and configuration.

Managed Firewall

Plan CodeVS-MF
Establishment Fee $100
Monthly Fee $100 / month

Managed Firewall
This OntheNet managed service allows customers to specify Access Control Lists to secure their VPS.


Additional Firewell options available at no extra cost (if selected by the customer) include:

  • Intrusion Detection Reports - All incoming internet traffic is inspected for threats.   If a threat is identified it is logged and a weekly report is emailed to the customer.
  • HTTP Load Balancing - In the case where the Customer has multiple webservers behind a firewall the Load Balancer will evenly distribute traffic across each server.   Should a server become unavailable it will be automatically removed from the pool of servers.

Read more about other VStrata Optional Extras here.
Contact OntheNet about higher specification, customised security solutions for your virtual server.

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