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VStrata Virtual Private Servers

Servers have become an essential element in businesses, regardless of their size.  Traditional hosting options and server architecture however, have resulted in inefficient use of capital and directed focus away from core business function.  IT resources are focused on keeping these servers running and operational, instead of adding value through innovation and development.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides the benefits of a physical server, without the capital investment, on going maintenance and support  and internal resources they require.  With a VPS solution all the infrastructure, including the power, cooling, network and computing resources are outsourced and managed allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

Reduced Capital Costs

Use your capital to enhance your business strategies, not fund IT hardware.  VPS allows you to rent only the computer resources you need today.  No large capital investment is necessary from you.  All hardware and virtualisation maintenance and upgrades of the underlying resource pools are no longer part of your businesses budget or responsibility.

Improved Business Continuity

All VStrata VPS include daily remote offsite back up, which take a complete snap shot of your system.  This back-up solution utilises a diverse path fibre network based network between the two data centres.  Depending on the selected plan these individual snap shots are stored for a period of 28 days.  High Availability (HA) is also included to provide further protection against hardware failure.

Operational Flexibility

A VStrata VPS solution adds flexibility to your IT infrastructure.   As your server requirements change your VPS solution can be modified to meet these new requirements.  Depending on the resources needing to be changed, these can often be implemented with little or no system downtime.

Easy & Secure Remote Management

A secure VPanel control panel is provided a give customers a health and performance check of their complete system.  The VPanel control panel provides:

  1. Remote startup / reboot / shutdown and suspend controls.
  2. Ability to view the servers screen to verify current state.
  3. Virtual Private Server features and specification.
  4. Virtual Private Server performance statistics with custom charts available over selected period.

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